We give our vulnerable students some school-supplies
We give our students some bicycles
The students of ACO received some school-supplies
The students and donor joined a photo at ACO
Our Primary Needs

Having the basic such as uniforms, school supplies and bicycles for transport enable the Cambodian children to attend school and secure a future for themselves as well as their families. Many of the children in our school come from the poorest families in the countryside. They come with a drive and determination instilled in them by their families and Cambodian culture to get a good education and create a better future.To help them succeed ACO, through the support of our donors, is working out of the kinks to supply the basic necessities for our children. Please help us make our Education Program successful! Donate Now! 

1. School Uniforms

  • Average cost of a pair of school uniform $18.00
  • Average cost of a pair of sandals $7.00
  • Being able to stand proud in class - Priceless

Now, ACO is working so hard to help supply our children with school uniforms and sandals. With your help and support we can insure that all the children in our school have the necessary uniforms that are standard in Cambodian school to-day. In 2013 ACO has a goal of supplying our children's uniforms and sandals.

2. Classroom Supplies

We regularly provide our students their school supplies, and also teacher’s teaching supplies and equipment that they need to teach effectively. These items include, School Bag, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Textbooks, Whiteboard Marker, Board and Erasers, Workbooks, teaching aides and just about anything else that one could need. ACO, through the support of its donors, helps to offset some of these costs for both the students and teachers. Every little donation can go a long way in keeping a student in our school and help our staff-teachers give a better, more thorough education. Many people have asked us if they could ship materials to Cambodia. Although it is possible, oftentimes things get delayed or lost in transit. The delivery systems within Cambodia can be somewhat challenging. It is for this reason that we request cash donations. Cash transfers very easily and the materials needed are available in Cambodia at very reasonable prices. ACO's use of domestic materials and suppliers is fundamental in our effort of keeping as many of the benefits of our work and sponsor donations within Cambodia. Keep in mind, the cost of shipping one book is often more than it would cost to keep a student in school for a year!

3. Bicycles

When it comes to getting to school it is hard to find a group of children more eager and willing than those of the Cambodian countryside. No matter the distance, they go out each day and make their way to the school grounds. Unfortunately for many, their families are faced with the choice between letting their children go to school and needing them to work in the fields. It is a simple equation of time; 8 hours in school + 3 hours round trip to walk = Not enough time to work the fields and secure that years harvest. Having bicycles allow the children to make it to school much quicker and still have time to help their family in the fields. It may sound like a hard burden for a child, but the whole family is aware of how having that education will help the entire family to prosper.

For $55 you can insure that a child has the opportunity to go to school. While our staffs at ACO are working in an area doing assessments, they will inquire about any families whose children are in need of a bicycle to make the distances to school. As the bicycles are acquired by ACO, we will deliver the bicycle to the most appropriate family. Often a family will have more than one child going to school so they will double up on the bike. Imagine an attitude where a thought is not given to the chance of a tumble on the way to getting an education. There are 2 sizes of bicycles that ACO supplies and the size chosen is based on both the families current needs and their future needs as the children grow.

4. Student Aids

When looking at how little is costs keep a student in school, keep this in mind; the poverty line in the rural areas of Cambodia is set at US$0.25 per person per day for their basic necessities such as food, housing, clothing and transportation. Despite these seemingly low numbers, 53.7% of the population in Siem Reap is still living under the poverty line. The children start school at age 6; they spend 6 years in primary school, 3 years in lower secondary school and 3 years in upper secondary school. This education is supplied by the government and is free for all students. The children however need to pay their own fees for uniforms and study materials. Additionally, once they are in the upper secondary classes, they need to take extra classes in preparation for taking the standard government exam. Passing this exam is required in order to receive their certificate of completion (Diploma Certificate). The additional instruction for these subjects has a cost of approximately $0.25 or more per hour, per subject, and they study 6 days per week. On average a student will need $1.5/week for these classes. The textbook "English for Cambodia", Books I, II, III cost $1.2 each. Students would complete their studies at age 18. Estimates indicate that less than 24% of the boys and less than 0.5% of the girls will graduate. ACO works with families and schools to help out with the additional costs of education. With your support we will be able to make sure that students will not be forced to leave school simply due to lack of funds.

5. Bright Future Kids Program

Poverty-stricken people in developing countries face nearly insurmountable barriers imposed by society, culture, prejudice and corruption that prevent them from ever moving beyond a certain point.Through the generous support of our donors and my own funding from guiding fee, ACO has built a school where it stands on my own property in Phum Chong Kaosou, Khum Slor Kram, Siem Reap. We have also provided supplementary training in order to move some of the students to go beyond being common laborers at best when they go out into our whole world to-day. Please Read More

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Urgent Funding Need
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