Founder gave donors an appreciation certificate at ACO
Founder gave an appreciation certificate to his donor at ACO
Our volunteers and I repaired a house for a family in the community, Siem Reap.
Founder & vulnerable students at ACO
Founder installed water well for primary school in rural area, Siem Reap.
Students of ACO's school
Water storage at ACO's school
Our volunteers cemented on the roof of ACO's school
Water well was installed for poeple & Monks, Siem Reap.
Students and donors joined a group photo at ACO
Founder has his photo taken in front of Internet Access
Founder and students joined a photo at ACO School
Current News

Our Recent News describes about the real activities which have done recently by Angkor Charity Organization such as are: teaching & learning, students participating in school-work activities, volunteering work, community-outreach activity such as installing water wells, repairing house for poor and destitute people, constructing sanitary toilets, pigsty and so on. We all are really happy to devote our important time to help and develope our local community and  Cambodia country as whole. We all try to make our new world to-day a better place with peaceful coexistence! You help us, we can help others.

Urgent Funding Need
Urgent Funding Need
Gifts That Matter
Gifts That Matter