Founder of ACO installed water well for poor people and Buddhist Monks, Siem Reap.
Founder installed a water well for people & Buddhist monk, Pouk district, Siem Reap.
Students are attending the class at ACO
Photo of students at ACO's school, Siem Reap.
Founder had a photo taken in front of the office at ACO.
Founder gave an appreciation certificate at ACO
Donors gave students their school-supplies at ACO
Students receive their school-supplies at ACO
Volunteers taught English to students at ACO
Workers, students and founder joined a photo
Founder has a photo taken in front of new chairs
Group of students at ACO
Director conduct computer teaching
Photo of the week

Photo of the week describes about the recent works done by ACO during the week like volunteering work, teaching, teacher's teaching activity, students participation in the teaching, teachers give students some key motivation to participating in their daily study, classroom activities and interaction of teachers and students.Taking photos with teachers, donors, volunteers and community outreach such as are installing water wells, repairing houses and some other activities. Founder of ACO is really happy to devote his important time to help and develope his local community and  Cambodia through education, vocational training, clean water. We all try to make our new world to-day a better place with peaceful coexistence,"he said." You help us, we can help others. Your help can make a big difference..etc!

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Urgent Funding Need
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