Donors and director give school-supply to students
Founder of ACO installed a water well for a community in Siem Reap
ACO school give school-supply to students
Our vulnerable students at ACO school
Teaching activity at Angkor Charity School
Volunteer group and founder prepared to restore a house in Komphem community, Siem Reap
Director & studets joined a photo at ACO-school
Food for his vulnerable children at ACO
Founder gave rewarding letter to his vulnerable students at ACO
Director gave bicycles to his vulnerable students at ACO
Our vulnerable students joined photo with donors at ACO
Founder gave his donors an appreciation certificate
Student are practicing computers at ACO
Founder of ACO conducts students to practice computer
Bright Future Kids

Poverty-stricken people in developing countries face nearly insurmountable barriers imposed by society, culture, prejudice and corruption that prevent them from ever moving beyond a certain point.Through the generous support of our donors and my own funding from guiding fee, Angkor Charity Organization has built a school where it stands on my own property in Phum Chong Kaosou, Khum Slor Kram, Siem Reap. We have also provided supplementary training in order to move some of our students to go beyond being common laborers at best when they go out into our whole world.

The Bright Future Kids program was launched in mid of 2014 to help bright students in our schools who show promise to reach their full potential. Students selected to this full-scholarship magnet program are high achievers attending an elementary school in our community. While these students are at the lowest poverty level, they have shown high aptitude and motivation in learning core subjects taught in Khmer and acquiring English as the second language. The Bright Future Kids program provides supplementary education to support these students enter a top-notch secondary school in Siem Reap, study at a university in Cambodia and/or abroad, to become thinkers and future leaders.

The program of the Bright Future Kids is located at the Angkor Charity School in Siem Reap province. The special requirements to qualify for this program are high academic achievement, social maturity, willingness to live in a dormitory away from home and their parents’ consent to let them enter the program. They receive guidance and nurturing care from our highly-qualified staff. Food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and tuition are fully funded for each student.

They attend our school for special skills six days a week where they receive class instruction in English and computer instruction either morning or afternoon. Once a week, the students enjoy an extended reading time at our library. They can gather and share their new ideas. After graduating from secondary school, the Bright Future Kids students are eligible to receive university scholarships funded through this program. Donate Now!


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