Our volunteers repaired a house for a family in Komphem community, Siem Reap
Our volunteers joined group photo with our vulnerable students at ACO, Siem Reap.
Our volunteers joined photo with founder of ACO in Siem Reap.
Volunteer taught English to our vulnerable students, Siem Reap

Angkor Charity Organization needs good, high-quality volunteers, able and willing to go the extra mile in a demanding environment. But it doesn’t need many.This is largely because, whenever a particular skill set is needed or task required, ACO prefers to create local jobs. ACO doesn’t use short-term volunteers either. Too many ACO children have had too much turbulence in their lives, so we do our best to minimize that as much as possible. A succession of new faces just isn’t good for them so, save in exceptional circumstances, we ask our volunteers to commit to 2 months or more.

Likewise, because ACO’s own resources are also all directed at the children, the programs and the projects, there isn’t any spare to subsidize volunteers, so while ACO will be delighted to give all the help it can, we need anyone who wants to come and work with us to be fully self-sustaining in terms of travel, accommodation and living arrangements. Flexibility, adaptability, a sense of perspective and a sense of humor will also be required!

Perhaps most importantly, the volunteer has to offer skills and abilities that fit a specific ACO need. To date, ACO has most needed as follow;

  • Qualified healthcare/medical personnel - particularly in pediatric care, midwives and pre-and post-natal specialists, dentists and nurses…etc. (Future Opportunity).
  • Qualified education personnel–examples include experienced ESL teachers, art-teachers, pedagogical specialists, human rights and law educators, Math and finance teachers, small business management experts, Computer teacher, leadership training specialists and media studies personnel and other expert personnel...etc. (Present Opportunity).
  • Experienced grant writers & reporters.

Current Volunteering Availabilities:

  • Volunteer Moral Teacher
  • Volunteer ESL Teacher
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Basic Law & Anti Human Trafficking Regulations
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Simple Critical Thinking
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Simple Money Management
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Simple Project Management
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Simple Research and Report Writing
  • Volunteer Teacher (Basic Learning): Simple Small Business Start Up

Please note: All volunteer classes are to be taught in English. Interested?

If you’re interested, believe you can help and fit the above criteria, application is by online form. It asks for quite a lot of detail and will take a few minutes to complete. By filling it in as comprehensively as you can, you will help us process your application speedily and effectively. We will get back to you as quickly as we are able. Successful applicants will be asked to give the contact details of at least 2 appropriate referees and the outcome of a background check. Please note that until these formalities are completed, ACO will not be able to use you or allow you any form of access. For Corporate or Group Volunteers, please email nutarth@yahoo.com directly, providing as much information as you can. ACO welcomes and values its volunteers.They may not be many, but they have a great time,do fine work and their partings tend to be reluctant & hedged with plans on when and how to return. We guarantee that, if you do volunteer, your wallet won’t be any fatter, but your life will feel a lot richer.

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