This is the abandoned well, Siem Reap
Abandoned Wells

In January of 2013 CCWP initiated a program of locating & repairing what we refer to as “Abandoned wells". As we are working in different areas we'll occasionally find a well that is no longer functioning properly. These are wells that were installed by organizations other than CCWP, but no provisions were made for their repair. As we work in an area we try to locate these wells, map their locations with GPS, and add them to our list of wells in need of funding for repairs. If you are really interested in donating for this purpose, please kindly visit water well. It is almost always more economical to repair what is in place instead of installing a new well. Either way, the families that enjoy clean water again are extremely grateful. We're proud to say at this time all of the wells that were installed by CCWP are functioning perfectly. However, it is important to note that if there is ever a problem with one of these wells that were installed prior 2013, there were no funds set aside for repairs. We ask that our previous donors check our newsletter or the Abandoned Well page in case there's an issue with a well they donated towards. Many of our donors have "adopted" their wells and have made themselves available to financially assist in the event of any needed repairs. If you have donated a well in the past with CCWP would like to adopt your well, please contact us & let us know you'd like to make yourself available in the event that repairs are needed.


Sample only, this well is not currently functioning

Reference Number : Ow 12-001
No. of People Served : 8
Province : Siem Reap
Village : Lvea Village
Commune : Swaydangkum
Well Type : Plunger
Installed by : Longmont / Lovelend Rotary Club
Installation Date : May 2009
GPS Coordinates : 13.154376N , 104.315186 E
Repair Needed : New Plunger Rod
Estimated Cost : $22.00


Urgent Funding Need
Urgent Funding Need
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