Founder stands behind the school-building at ACO
His vulnerable students stood on the concret floor after pavement at ACO
Orphanage Project

Dependent on funding, our vital future opportunities may get involved with: (Orphanage Project, School site enlargement, Recreational Area, Fish-farming, Vegetable Farming, Poultry, Designing & Tailoring skill, Scholarship, Khmer Living Art, Community Drinking Water Station, Small Business Help Loan, and Medical Care and Attention to our children). ACO needs your help in providing a loving and nurturing environment for our children’s in need. In order to establish the orphanage we need facilities to house and care for them. It is our initial goal to provide the five most necessities such as (shelter, food, clothing, education and Healthcare) to the most neediness of our children. It is our intention to eventually provide the following facilities at our orphanage. It composes of 8 rooms. Our basic information as states below:

  • Orphanage: (3 rooms) “children’s dormitories and our foreign volunteer or staff’s dormitory”.
  • Education: (4 rooms)English classroom + Library + Computer class & Internet proficiency and another room is for Khmer Living Art.”
  • Administration: (1 room)Directing office”. This is our first plan, but our funding is not sufficient to fulfill this whole project. That's why we all decided to construct our school which composes of 4 rooms are served for (English Class + Computer Class + Directing Office and Library). This is our current opportunities. Now, we all desperately need your help to enable us to finish our school construction.Please ladies & gentlemen fulfill our children's hope & make their dream come true! DONATE NOW!

Now, we are constructing a school "Angkor Charity School" for our students and identified local orphaned children. The school which composes of 4 Rooms which have different function: (English Class that can provide our students of foreign language skill & cultural exchange + Computer Center which can give them vocational computer training that enables them to receive the basic general computer skills and Internet Access + Library for our children and all staffs so that enables them to do their research and improve their study and professional teaching skills and another room is served as Directory for all our staffs). Right now, we have lack of funding to fulfill our school. Now, we desperately need (cement, sand, tile-floor, toilet-materials, electricity system, running water, Internet Medias, extra-ceiling, labor-fee and paint…etc). Please generous ladies and gentlemen don't hesitate to share your true love, help, hope, peace and friendship with our children so that enables us to complete this charity school for our students. For our future perspective, we will plan to contact the hospitality industry owners so that to have them sustainable job for their independent future with hope and full pride. Read More our Total Expanse

1. Orphanage Need

The extra facilities which we need the most at the orphanage as follow such as (running water, bed, blanket, mat, clothes, pillow, towels, tooth-paste, tooth-brush, shampoo, mosquito-net, cushion, wardrobe and bathroom…. for all local identified children).

2. Education Need

The school supplies materials needed: (textbook, workbook, white-board/marker, pictures, chair, desk, school bag, uniform, shoes, sandals, pen, pencil and pencil-sharpener...for Education).

3. Other Need

We also need food, water, kitchenware, kitchen's appliance, table and stuffs. These facilities are to be constructed on my own property for the sole purpose of providing for these children and their education. Should you decide to donate toward the orphanage, your money will be used as you direct. You can donate toward specific items such as school-supplies, uniforms...etc or you may elect to have the organization director allocates it toward the most immediate need. Should you donate toward specific items such as bathroom, electricity, you may elect to give your input on how you would like the facility constructed (material, style...etc). We can and will cater to your wishes as it is your donation that will make this item available to our children.

Urgent Funding Need
Urgent Funding Need
Gifts That Matter
Gifts That Matter