Founder and vulnerable students drank orange juice after hard work on school area
Founer and his vulnerable students joined photo before the school was built
Founder & students saw the wood for school construction
Founder pounded the nail into the wooden pillars during construction
After his hard work and efforts the school was ready for students
Founder first taught his students English at school of ACO
Founder & donors gave students school-supplies at ACO
Founder & students removed wooden school in order to build brick school
After the old school was removed, he led students to clean bricks for new school
Founder supervised the workers & students during construction
Founder & students joined first photo in front of brick school
Founder, donors, staffs and students joined photo in front of new school
Founder and donors joined a photo at water tank storage
Founder & students at ACO
Founder and workers at ACO
Founder, painter and students at ACO!
Founder has a photo taken in front of new materials
Founder gave his donor an appreciation certificate
Fouder Gallery

Founder Gallery always describes about his time-devotion that gets involved closely with social humanitarian works like outside world communication for receiving donation in order to support charity work: school construction, leading charity work, teaching activity, greeting visitors, donors and community outreach such installing water well, repairing houses, building toilets, pigsty for poor people...etc.! He is really happy to devote his important time to help developing his local community and  Cambodia  through education, vocation, clean water. We all try to make our new world a better place with peaceful coexistence, "he said."  You help us, we help others. Your help can make a difference.

Urgent Funding Need
Urgent Funding Need
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Gifts That Matter