Donors and director give school-supply to students
Founder of ACO installed a water well for a community in Siem Reap
ACO school give school-supply to students
Our vulnerable students at ACO school
Teaching activity at Angkor Charity School
Volunteer group and founder prepared to restore a house in Komphem community, Siem Reap
Director & studets joined a photo at ACO-school
Food for his vulnerable children at ACO
Founder gave rewarding letter to his vulnerable students at ACO
Director gave bicycles to his vulnerable students at ACO
Our vulnerable students joined photo with donors at ACO
Founder gave his donors an appreciation certificate
Student are practicing computers at ACO
Founder of ACO conducts students to practice computer

At the beginning of the 1970s, more than 20,000 teachers lived and worked in Cambodia, only about 5,000 of those teachers remained 10 years later and it is unknown how many were in a position to teach. Soviet sources report that 90 percent of all teachers were killed under the Khmer Rouge regime. Only 50 of the 725 university instructors, 207 of the 2,300 secondary school teachers, and 2,717 of the 21,311 primary school teachers survived. The meager educational fare during the regime was centered on precepts of the Khmer revolution; young people were rigidly indoctrinated, but literacy was neglected, and an entire generation of Cambodian children grew up illiterate. After the Khmer Rouge was driven from power, the educational system had to be re-created from almost nothing. Illiteracy had climbed to more than 40%, and most young people under the age of 14 lacked any basic education. (Wikipedia).

As a result of these horrors, the schools and students are struggling to initiate new programs and complete an effective education. The desire and drive of the teachers and students is inspiring, they simply don't have the resources that most others take for granted. The Cambodian government had an education budget of $251 Million in 2011 for the entire country, barely being able to pay the teachers their $20 - $50 per month salary. It is a fundamental belief at ACO that if we can have a positive effect on the basics of life and education, those effects will continue to grow on their own as people improve themselves, families and their futures. Please help us to build a better life through our education program for the families and villages of Cambodia. Donate Now!

Angkor Charity Organization is a newly established, non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization which is located in Chongkoasu village, Slorkram Commune. It is about 3 kilometers away of Siem Reap. It was founded in the year of 2009 from my personal initiative and colleagues. It has its root in the education program which was in the brain child of Mr. Nou Tat who was born on October 15, 1970 in Siem Reap province in rural Cambodia and lived with the struggles of poor water, food supplies and education. Even a small donation can make a difference. Contact Us!

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