Donors and director give school-supply to students
Founder of ACO installed a water well for a community in Siem Reap
ACO school give school-supply to students
Our vulnerable students at ACO school
Teaching activity at Angkor Charity School
Volunteer group and founder prepared to restore a house in Komphem community, Siem Reap
Director & studets joined a photo at ACO-school
Food for his vulnerable children at ACO
Founder gave rewarding letter to his vulnerable students at ACO
Director gave bicycles to his vulnerable students at ACO
Our vulnerable students joined photo with donors at ACO
Founder gave his donors an appreciation certificate
Student are practicing computers at ACO
Founder of ACO conducts students to practice computer
Vocational Training

ACO is currently assessing the aspects of developing a local program of class dedicated to teaching Computer skills & Internet proficiency. We are actively seeking individuals or organizations that would be interested in either sponsoring our efforts or collaborating with ACO in this endeavor. Having computer skills along with a good level of fluency in English is pivotal to being successful in today's world economy, as well as the local economy of Siem Reap. The tourism market in Siem Reap offers a great career potential to those with the proper training, and assisting the local families in realizing this success is one of the fundamental missions of ACO. It is always our goal to use local economic opportunities and resources to help the local families and villages. Please kindly look at our dire needs for vulnerable angels. Donate Now!
Cost :  $14,000
Unit  :  35 Desktops

Basic Information:
• Provide 35 Desktops to ACO’s teacher-staffs & students.
• Refurbished Desktops cost on average $400 USD each.

ACO prides itself in assisting teacher and students training in everyway we can, ensuring our children are receiving a highest standard of education. By providing refurbished laptops to teachers, you will allow for improved training and up-to-date coaching for our teachers, allowing for ACO to continue providing a quality education to all vulnerable students.

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