Donors and director give school-supply to students
Founder of ACO installed a water well for a community in Siem Reap
ACO school give school-supply to students
Our vulnerable students at ACO school
Teaching activity at Angkor Charity School
Volunteer group and founder prepared to restore a house in Komphem community, Siem Reap
Director & studets joined a photo at ACO-school
Food for his vulnerable children at ACO
Founder gave rewarding letter to his vulnerable students at ACO
Director gave bicycles to his vulnerable students at ACO
Our vulnerable students joined photo with donors at ACO
Founder gave his donors an appreciation certificate
Student are practicing computers at ACO
Founder of ACO conducts students to practice computer
Testimonial Page


At the beginning of the 1970s, more than 20,000 teachers lived and worked in Cambodia, only about 5,000 of those teachers remained 10 years later and it is unknown how many were in a position to teach. Soviet sources report that 90 percent of all teachers were killed under the Khmer Rouge regime. Only 50 of the 725 university instructors, 207 of the 2,300 secondary school teach Read more »

Bright Future Kids

Poverty-stricken people in developing countries face nearly insurmountable barriers imposed by society, culture, prejudice and corruption that prevent them from ever moving beyond a certain point.Through the generous support of our donors and my own funding from guiding fee, Angkor Charity Organization has built a school where it stands on my own property in Phum Chong Kaosou, Read more »

Health Care

Most of us enjoy the luxury of taking our good health for granted, and when we are ill we simply book in to see our family doctor. Not for the impoverished people of Tram Neak Community. In Cambodia a health problem can spell disaster for a poor family. Already struggling to make ends meet, a trip to the doctor, or worse, a stay in hospital, can plunge a family into debt for a Read more »

Community Outreach

Clean water is one of the most basic needs for human survival. Although most of Cambodia has plenty of water, what is available to the majority of families is either natural surface water, or water made available in shallow, hand dug. Both of these sources are filled with mud, insects and disease, and covered over by even dirtier water during the yearly floods. Putting in a wel Read more »

Vocational Training

ACO is currently assessing the aspects of developing a local program of class dedicated to teaching Computer skills & Internet proficiency. We are actively seeking individuals or organizations that would be interested in either sponsoring our efforts or collaborating with ACO in this endeavor. Having computer skills along with a good level of fluency in English is pivotal t Read more »

Future Opportunity

Dependent on funding, our vital future opportunities may get involved with: (Orphanage Project, School site enlargement, Recreational Area, Fish-farming, Vegetable Farming, Poultry, Designing & Tailoring skill, Scholarship, Khmer Living Art, Community Drinking Water Station, Small Business Help Loan, and Medical Care and Attention to our children). ACO needs your help in pr Read more »
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